Martyna Wren at Vintage Fleur

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend a perfect afternoon with my very lovely pal, @missielizzie, with whom I always have the best of times! On this occasion, we trotted off to Kettering, not somewhere I’d ever previously associated with vintage treats and mellow jazz, or even a part of the country I’d hitherto visited, but still, the lure of afternoon tea and an intimate gig with Martyna Wren was promise enough! The obligatory (and frankly rather fruitful) perusal of every charity shop en route to Vintage Fleur ( was a lovely warm-up to a real treat of the senses. I had heard one or two tracks from the album, The World Can Wait and was looking forward to a live rendition. I wasn’t disappointed. The flyers scattered on vintage bedecked tables, later to be covered with delicious cakes and little square sandwiches, claimed ‘a supremely rare kind of voice’ and I have to agree. Martyna Wren delivered a flawlessly smooth set of the kind of songs that move you back through the decades…


Not content with shovelling in…erm…delicately nibbling about 5000 calories’ worth of divine cakeage, we indulged in a gin and tonic teapot and were treated to a chat with Miss Wren herself, who was as charming as her music. I was, by this point, a little giddy (something to do with the sandwiches) and fear my overexcitement may have perturbed her, particularly when I requested a list of her tour venues and tried to convince her to come and do a gig in Bedford! I’ve settled for a copy of the album, for now. Check it out for yourself ( /

Martyna cakeMartyna Sugarcubes

Post clotted cream and Cava, Liz and I went for a looky upstairs in the gift section of Vintage Fleur and we were both reduced to little squeals of joy prompted by the range and gorgeousness of the vintage, handmade and retro ranges hidden away upstairs. Definitely worth a trip!

Martyna Wren – tour dates and venues:

Sun 28th September – Cox and Baloney, Bristol – 3.30pm – Tickets £22 Bookings: 01179 443100

Sat 18th October – Vintage Fleur, Kettering – 4.30pm – Tickets £18.50 Bookings: 07764 193745

Sat 25th October – Rufflets St. Andrews – Tickets £30 Bookings 01334 462226

Fri 14th Nov – Bea’s Of Bloomsbury £30 Champagne and Tea  7pm-9pm

Sun 23rd November – Metro Deco, Brighton – 4.30pm – Tickets £19 – Bookings: 01273 677243


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