Ribbon Tied Clutch bags with Cool Linings – £8 each

Just big enough for your keys, phone, purse and lippy! As usual, I’ve used a mix of new, upcycled and scrap fabrics (I was never going to fit into those blue cords again anyway)! I always have trouble finding the right bag to go with an outfit for a special occasion and hate resorting to a trusty (aka boring) little black number. These would be great for weddings, would look cool with denim and are perfect for gifts (I’m going to put some bathing treats in mine). If you’re a good friend of mine and you have a birthday in September (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), chances are, one of these will be arriving on your doorstep shortly!

front_all rose rose_line cord_out cord_lining Dawny navy_lined bird_lining navy_bug all_random


Les petites belles! Lined pinafore dresses for girls – ages 1, 2 or 3 – £18 each

Having toiled away making (über-long) curtains for our bay window, I’m back on the dresses! Some of these had a previous life as a grown-up’s dress or even a pair of curtains, some have new fabric for the outer layer and upcycled cotton for the lining. All are lined and handmade, so you won’t find another one the same! Suggestions for cool clothes for boys greatly appreciated (not that they can’t don a frock if they want to)!





These (above) are all age 1

Next_dressAge 2

cathk3 cathk_side cathk_anotherside

This one is age 3. Probably best if the recipient doesn’t hang out with me while I’m wearing mine!

A-Line Dress – for a grown-up!

…well kind of. It’s for me! After much pattern adaptation, some serious improvisation and frankly more error than trial, I have a wearable dress! Did I mention the profanities and the gin? Unfortunately, we have rather a lot of cushions at home in the same fabric, so I look a bit like I’m in camouflage if I sit on the sofa, but at least I’m a matching accessory! Would benefit from an extra press (sorry mum), but I was too excited to get the photograph on the blog! Incidentally, the outer fabric was inherited from my partner’s mum, the lining was an old cotton bed sheet and the zip was from Keech charity shop! I splashed out.


Dress for a little person! Kind of priceless!

I’d always wanted to have a go at making clothes and I was told that starting with children’s garments would be best as they are more ‘forgiving’ (oh the faith…) Thanks to @missielizzie, who told me everything I now know about patterns, I’ve created this little frock! The pattern is from Children’s Corner and is called Lucy – I had to have it shipped from the USA and everything! All I want now is a giant one for myself! This one is for age 2 yrs.

dress1 dress2

For The Girls – teeny upcycled appliquéd t-shirts – £5 each

If you stand still for long enough in our house, chances are you’ll get something appliquéd onto you! I think it’s a phase…

These wee t-shirts are pre-loved to re-loved (sizes from 0-3 months – 18 months) with appliquéd squirrels / rabbits / birds / letters. Fabric from my stash, some vintage.

girls_tree turq_bird turqu_back R beige_squirrel pink_back squ_back

Check out the backs! Cheeky little extra! Have so enjoyed making these – I just need some little people to start wearing them!